Who we are

TAROMED is a global leading medical consumables supplier known for its AI-driven and smart manufacturing-based operations. We are committed to consistently delivering stable, high-quality products, ensuring both product integrity and environmental sustainability.

Automated Excellence: Crafting Medical Supplies

Precision, speed, and quality converge in our state-of-the-art automated production of essential medical supplies.

Our Smart Factory

Explore Our Digitally Controlled, Automated Unmanned Production Line

Reliable Products

Precision-driven automated line ensures top-quality tested reliable products.

ESG Commitment

Leading the way in Sustainable Solutions for Medical Consumables


At TAROMED, we boast a robust global supply and distribution network. With 28 strategically located warehousing and distribution centers covering a total area of over 200,000 square meters across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we ensure efficient and transparent order management through our advanced end-to-end delivery tracking system and logistics management. This dependable logistics system lies at the core of TAROMED's global supply chain, guaranteeing efficient and reliable delivery of top-tier medical consumables to clients worldwide.