Action Today, For Tomorrow

Leading the Way in Sustainable Solutions for Medical Consumables For People and the Planet

What Have We Done to Reach Carbon Neutrality
Carbon-neutral Production Facilities

Embracing Industry 4.0 Technologies and AI-driven solutions, our carbon-neutral production facilities exemplify full automation and enhanced supply chain management through digital twins, setting new standards for sustainable manufacturing.

Clean Energy Adoption

TAROMED's production is entirely powered by clean and renewable energy sources, aligning with our rigorous environmental sustainability standards.

Localized Manufacturing & Effective Shipping Methods

Our strategy involves establishing localized manufacturing sites strategically positioned near key ecosystems while optimizing our shipping methods. This allows us to place eco-friendly equipment closer to our long-term customer base, streamlining our production-to-commerce ecosystem for maximum efficiency, reduced transportation waste, and minimal environmental impact.

Committed to sustainability, TAROMED is steadfast in achieving carbon neutrality through innovation and clean energy adoption. Our eco-friendly approaches reflect our dedicated journey towards a future with zero carbon emissions, underscoring our pledge to a greener world.

“At TAROMED, we have initiated a long-term philanthropic endeavor known as ‘Job Neutrality.’ For each job position replaced by machine automation, we pledge to sponsor retraining opportunities. Our aim is to support individuals who have experienced unemployment due to technological advancements by offering them chances to acquire new skills and reintegrate into the workforce, ultimately contributing to societal progress. Our vision is to take a leading role in the digital transformation of the medical manufacturing industry, providing solutions for Industry 4.0, and ensuring that the benefits of technological progress reach all corners of society. Simultaneously, we aim to foster job creation and contribute to the community. This initiative reflects the core values and commitment of TARO Medical.” 

Founder of TAROMED

Supporting Communities in Need

We hold a deep sense of duty and an unwavering dedication to charitable endeavors. This commitment to prioritizing the well-being of individuals has been notably clear, especially in challenging circumstances like the global pandemic, when the need for medical protective equipment became crucial.

Our state-of-the-art smart factories have completed large-scale emergency supply missions, ensuring the timely availability of essential medical protective equipment. Yet, our responsibility doesn’t stop there. We actively engage in charitable initiatives, extending a helping hand to multiple communities by donating vital medical protective supplies.

We will continue to contribute to the well-being of communities and the world, remaining focused on social responsibility and a mission that transcends material gain.

$5M investment in solar energy facilities with ongoing commitments
30% reduction in manufacturing waste compared to traditional factories
Net-zero carbon footprint through renewable energy and efficient transportation
5 certifications verified, including FDA and EU Regulatory
1.8M pieces of medical consumables donated during the pandemic