TAROMED is offering you the opportunity to become one of our distributors in your territory. In order to assist you with this endeavour we will provide you with all the training necessary to understand our products and standards. As an official TAROMED distributor you will be in direct contact with our technicians and staff so you will always be informed of our newest projects, upgrades and promotions. Above all, you can rely on our Quality Standard guarantee.

TAROMED is committed to creating quality products that protect its clients. Our company evolves with the latest market trends and develops cutting edge technology that keeps us among the best in our field.

We are looking for new talent to help us in our task of extending our client range to a larger number of countries around the world. Our principal aim is to be readily available to as many of our clients as possible. Join us and help shape the future of the TAROMED world.

We require all of our distributors to be fluent in the English language, and you will need a professional main business address. To then qualify as a distributor applicants will have to gain experience of our products and participate in our training course (online courses available).

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