anti-counterfeit TRACING

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Product quality should always be the priority, and that's especially important with regard to PPE and face masks. However, because of the chaotic market situation, a transparent, solid, and proof related system is needed for quality control.

TAROMED builds this system in 5 steps:

Step 1: Factory

Factory is the most crucial control point for quality. Both TAROMED‘s own factories and the OEM factories must be evaluated with a standard set of procedures before being put into production. This all-round evaluation covers several aspects including environment, qualification, production capacity, equipment and management process. Only factories achieving the highest standard are selected into the TAROMED system.

Step 2: Raw Materials

The quality of raw materials is the most important factor in the final product.

Melt-blown filtration quality determines the filtration result of the mask, and Non-Woven Fabric quality determines the anti-resistance performance of the surgical masks and gowns. TAROMED recognises the key quality requirements of these raw materials and executes stringent checks before each batch commences production to ensure the quality standards are met.

Step 3: Production Inspection

Production is a highly complex process and if not closely monitored can result in failure, so a TAROMED appointed inspector is assigned to every batch of the production to ensure all processes are fulfilled correctly. A random 'flight check' by TAROMED and the buyer's representative can be arranged for quality assurance purposes.

Step 4: Sample Retention

Proof of quality is critical for quality tracing, so, on every batch of the production, samples are randomly selected, sealed, and mailed back to TAROMED HQ for testing and retention. All samples are held until the product's expiration date, so there remains solid evidence of product quality in the event of any dispute.

Step 5: Batch Tests

The standard tests are the final evaluation tool in the quality process. When samples of each batch are received at TAROMED HQ, an internal quality test is executed, with the results uploaded to the tracing system to provide users with an update on the product. Should any issue be found, the whole batch is held back from transportation, so that no defective products are released onto the market. Following the internal test, the samples are sent to the third-party certified labs for the final test. The test report is published within 2-3 weeks and uploaded to the tracing system so that the end-user has full transparency around the product's quality.


Owing to the current chaotic marketing environment, many users are not obtaining masks and PPE through standard channels, so there exists some concern about the authenticity of their products and whether they meet the required standards.

To address this problem, TAROMED has developed an anti-counterfeit tracing system, whereby every product package is fitted with a label displaying a 10 digit anti-counterfeit code. The code's authenticity can be verified on our website at, together with the verification result, the batch number, product name and the batch test report to maximise users' confidence in the product.


One of the huge challenge s for buyers today is that, since the appearance of COVID-19, factory production and the delivery logistics have become very unpredictable, whilst the urgency of demand for PPE and Masks is increasing.

This situation has necessitated the development of a production and logistics dashboard for buyers to illustrate the realtime progress of each order, and providing the buyer with complete transparency of each stage of the journey, from production progress, delivery to airports and on to the final customs clearance.

Instead of blindly waiting for the goods, the buyers now have more clear understand and control of the whole process.

Once a buyer receives the account and password from the TAROMED sales manager, the dashboard can be accessed at